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Exploring our built heritage

Historic homes surround us, some of you may live in one, but you might not know why they look the way they do, how people used to live in them, why they are built out of brick and not stone or how they can be reused or adapted to play an important role in a sustainable future.

Focusing on houses of the Georgian and Victorian period, ‘Homes Through the Ages’ will transport you back in time to understand these aspects of our built environment.

Projects Map

Learn about our Georgian and Victorian projects across Northern Ireland.


Resources for Teachers and Pupils at Key Stage 2.

What we will look at?

We will look at what type of society people were living in, how this affected the type of house they lived in, the architectural style of that house, how they occupied the space and how environmentally friendly their lives were. We will see how homes and lifestyles have changed throughout history and the affect this has had on each building up until the present day. You will then be able to test your knowledge of how we used to live.

The houses featured have all been restored by Hearth* and updated to create family housing, a new life as holiday accommodation or a new purpose as community space. As you will see each of the homes featured is full of important historic information that tells a story of our past, it is vital that this is not lost. The most sustainable way to preserve this information is to reuse these buildings, giving them a new lease of life and ensuring they are available for generations to learn from.